Understanding our Test Results

Posted: Jun 23, 2021

We know that reading CBD test results can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

Let’s Break It Down!

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a scientific report about the chemical properties of a substance. A lot of important information can be found on a COA and as an informed CBD consumer, it’s critical to know how to interpret this information. 

The first section of a COA will tell you what product is being tested and what test was used. 

  • Each product is assigned a batch ID # which will match the batch number on your product.
  • Our CBD oil batch numbers can be found at the bottom of the box. Topical batch numbers are printed on the jar. We do this so that you can confirm you are looking at the test results for your specific product.
  • The Test ID # is a unique identifier assigned to each test that can be used to verify the authenticity of the lab report. 
  • The method lets you know what kind of testing method was used. TM14 is a Cannabinoid potency test. 
  • The date will let you know when the test was performed.
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Profile Information – The second section of the COA is where you will find the test results. 

  • LOQ stands for a limit of quantitation. This is the lowest value that can accurately be tested for. This is not the amount found in your product. 
  • The result (%) and result (mg/g) are where you can find how much of a certain compound is in your product. ND indicates that the compound was not detected. 
  • Total cannabinoids show the total amount of CBD and THC in your product.

Final Approval – The analyst that performed the test will sign off on their work authenticating the results. The data is then sent to a quality assurance team for final review. 

  • The signature from the analyst will be on the left 
  • The signature from the quality assurance team will be on the right 

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If you have any questions about reading our test results, please reach out to us via our online chat, or email us at support@purespectrumcbd.com 

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