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Our Tincture consists of organic therapeutic-grade Isolate CBD and Organic Full Spectrum-Whole Plant Extract Honey Oil CBD. We blend our Cannabinoids with an organic fractionated coconut oil. We batch test every time and provide test results with every purchase. We stand by our quality and purity.


Accurate CBD concentration guaranteed


The hemp we source is Certified Organic

Quality Production (GMP)

Produced under best manufacturing practices

Third Party Testing

Tested for potency and purity. Monitored by a third party to test for phytocannabinoid potency levels as well as testing for residual solvents to ensure purity.

Pure Spectrum Advantage

  • We collaborate with leading scientists, researchers, universities, bio-tech companies and leading hemp organizations.
  • Over 30 years combined industry experience
  • Industry-best customer service!
  • Best fulfillment times in the industry. We ship all of our packages two-day priority unless an overnight is wanted
  • Personable staff that cares about you! Call us today.

Here at Pure Spectrum, we believe we have the industry-best shipping and fulfillment department. We know that the industry has set a very low bar when it comes to receiving a package in a timely manner, so we want to help raise it! We believe we can have your order packaged within 12 hours of receiving payment and to your door within 3 – 4 business days. See for yourself!

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Best CBD vape I’ve found yet!! The oil is brought to a perfect consistency to smoothly vape for many hours to improve both hangovers or feelings of illness. You have to try this innovative new product!!!!!

Matthew Rhyne

The quality of their product is unsurpassed… I have used it for inflammatory problems and overall health.. Noticed marked improvement within one weeks use.. Website very informative and very professional…
Definitely recommend!!!

Steven F Rospond Dds

Pure Spectrum has been amazing for my nausea and anxiety. I am finally able to a eat full meal in one sitting! you!!!

Jamie Sanders

Honestly, I was suspicious of this product but after trying it, it really did help me feel more relaxed and eased my anxiety. I also get less headaches now since I started using the Pure Spectrum CBD vape pen regularly. I never leave my house without it! Thank you so much for such an amazing product 🙂

Savannah Hayden

The cbd worked great for my migraine. Thanks pure spectrum!

Sara Elliott

It has helped me so much. I have not a seizure since I started taking the honey CBD. Rose Stearns
Live in Georgia.

Rose Stearns

I use this product for anxiety…and it helps me a lot!! Thank u

Rachele Crossley

Thank you! I got my oil last week and am sleeping more sound than I have in years!!! Excellent products

Dakota Boo Harbert

A good friend of mine has a Pure Spectrum CBD vape pen and let me try it out. I have adhd as well as anxiety and it did an amazing job treating both. As soon as I get paid I’ll be getting myself a vape pen for 24/7 treatment. Very affordable, high quality and overall excellent product!

Jerrod Thomas

I’m a two time Queen at The Game of Ohms and I absolutely love Pure Spectrum CBD oil. It’s great for those relaxing moments or my occasional anxiety and nausea. It’s the purest cleanest tasting CBD oil that I have ever tried. It has a smooth refreshing taste like coconut oil. It doesn’t mess your coils up and it’s some of the highest milligram I’ve seen available. I’m in love with it.

Jenn Kiraly

I LOVE my PureSpectrum CBD vape pen. I’ve tried many different vape pens, and this one is hands down the best! Smooth action, great product flow, and long lasting charge. I developed PTSD after being in a fire, and CBD is the only thing that has REALLY helped with the associated anxiety, and PureSpectrum is the best on the market! I wish I could give it 10 stars!

Janis Kowalczyk

Very nice and informative. Spent a lot of time explaining things.

Barb Diddle-Rosenberg

I started out using a raw form of CBD, within a few days I noticed a decrease in my anxiety, after a week my anxiety was almost non-existent. I then switched to the CBD Oil and took 3x a day.. Loved it! Smooth & very little flavor. I decided to use it occasionally on my face for blemishes.. Remarkable results! Now I added the CBD Vape Pen to carry with me! Absolutely love it!! Great company, great products with lots more to come!!

Gina Cordel Shamburg

I use Pure Spectrum’s products for Migraine relief and Migraine prevention. My first use was the pure isolate, taken during the peak of a migraine. It immediately took my nausea, dizziness and light sensitivity away, within 5-10 minutes. I felt completely normal no more than 1 hour later and my mood was even uplifted. I then began taking the tincture, with the recommended dosage, everyday and I have found it to be great for Migraine prevention. The Vape Pen has worked to rid of headaches as well. I highly recommend these products!

Kim Kay

I am very impressed with pure spectrum CBDand the pen.Sure takes the edge off when my anxiety surges or when I get a tobacco craving. Customer service is superb.Seems to help me get to sleep also.

Dale Healey

I work at a vape shop and John sent us a trial pack and was very informative the product I tried the pure spectrum cbd vape pen it literally has changed my life I suffer from constant back pain due to serious falls with extreme sports I know they say it takes awhile to get into your system but for me it worked pretty quickly I completely recommend this product It is truly magical

Joe Allen

Love their CBD products, we have tried their Vape and tincture. Product taste very clean and is very effective. We will be returning customers. Their customer service is also excellent.

Brad Lozano

Just tried the vape pen for migraine relief and it took the edge off in minutes! Amazing!! The first thing I’ve found that worked that fast ever, and I’ve had migraines all my life. Will definitely be using these products for a long time!

Becky Allen

I suffer from arthritis throughout my body but mostly my back and hands. I love the hemp/CBD oil I am taking. When I have missed a dose, I can definitely tell the difference! I love the fact that this company is research-based and that the products are all organic. Thanks for making my life as a Severe Needs Teacher so much better!!!

Judy Garcia-Britton

I was having some issues with a vape pen and I called Kim she answered the phone right away and had a new pen in the mail that day and, besides that we talked for a while and I felt as though Kim is a genuinely good person who cares about the customers of Pure Spectrum CBD who she represents.

Clyde Gress

Love at the end of my day, when my back hurts. I lovvveee the massage oil, I do self massage and its very healing and therapeutic. I also love the bubble gum vape pen… Thank you guys

Ondrea Sirianne

I have to say, this is one very amazing product. I was very skeptical in trying this at first. Mainly because I had no previous knowledge on the product itself. However, after receiving this and trying it out I’ve been blown away with the results it has on me. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I was on Xanax for my anxiety and since I’ve started cdb oil, I have not taken a pill since then. It’s that amazing. I’m almost out of my bubblegum cartridge, so I need to get some more. I really hope that Minnesota Legalizes recreational cannabis so I can get a more heavier plant form for my sleeping. Thank you Pure Spectrum for opening my mind and eyes to a more healthier way!

Mike Anthony

I have a lot of nerve damage and pain in my foot and toes from a motorcycle accident. I’ve tried prescribed medications for this issue as well as a pharmaceutical cream with no results. The CBD cream has helped quite about and I will continue to use it. While I can still feel that my toes are numb they do not hurt and ache like they used to. I have recommended and referred my friends to use this product as well. Great product!

Jason Ainscough

Ok so I don’t usually do reviews on products but this one is something! I have recently been diagnosed with some back issues and been having severe nausea I used my pure spectrum CBD oil, and about an hour later I felt absolutely amazing! No nausea my back pain had eased tremendously! I have been battling my anxiety as well it definitely helped calm my mind. This product is wonderful and I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. Thank you pure spectrum for this AMAZING product.

Missy Price
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