“Worth the price” – Bell Calls on CBD Industry To Follow Lead Into Sports Marketplace

Posted: Feb 17, 2020

Every seat in the Las Vegas Convention Center room was filled and people were standing around the edges by the time Pure Spectrum CEO Brady Bell took the stage at the 2020 USA CBD Expo.

Bell was invited to speak about how his company was able to secure the first ever CBD partnership with an Olympic National Governing Body.

Pure Spectrum CEO Brady Bell addresses the audience at the 2020 USA CBD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo Courtesy: Pure Spectrum LIFE TV

Bell touted Pure Spectrum’s ability to withstand an Olympic NGB level vetting – unlike many of the larger companies that USA Triathlon had eyed prior to signing multi-year deal with the Evergreen-based CBD manufacturer.

“The sports market is the ultimate proving ground for your brand. You can’t just tell a good story – your sourcing, processing and testing have to be able to stand up to these rigorous vetting procedures,” Bell said.

He also warned any companies thinking they could cut corners to achieve what Pure Spectrum has.

“If you think you can come into the sports realm without that vertical integration, without consistent sourcing, genetics, testing – you are mistaken. One failed test by one of your athletes and your brand could be finished,” Bell cautioned.

The CEO also showcased the rewards of what he called “doing things the right way” – showing off Pure Spectrum’s impressive media coverage credentials from the last few years.

“New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS News This Morning, Fox Business Report, Yahoo Finance, CBS Sports, Forbes – this is what is possible – these are the outlets that start calling you when you do things this way. This is a sustainable path forward for our entire industry – and one that brings validity and credibility to what we are doing,” Bell said.

Following the speech, the Pure Spectrum boss fielded a number of audience questions on topics ranging from increased testing protocols to establishing stronger relationships with farmers.

“It was definitely one of the speeches I highlighted as soon as I got my event calendar. Pure Spectrum put itself on the map with this partnership – people want to hear the ‘how’ behind that,” said one of the speech’s attendees.

“Brady is the only person who can tell the story he told today. I mean that quite literally – he is the only person walking the planet who can tell it – the first and only cannabis CEO to partner with Team USA- this is history folks. You can’t really say that about most of the other speeches – so I think that explains why today was so well attended,” said Pure Spectrum Chief Marketing Officer Seth Waggener.

“Brady is…literally the only person walking the planet who can tell [this story]…this is history, folks. You can’t really say that about most of the other speeches.”

Seth Waggener

Pure Spectrum Chief Marketing Officer

“I was glad people were engaged, asking questions. The reception to the message we are preaching is very encouraging – for the entire industry,” Bell commented during a post-speech interview.

You can see much more from the entire time the Pure Spectrum team spent in Las Vegas, on an upcoming episode of the company’s reality show, Pure Spectrum LIFE TV.

To read a recap of the show and previous episodes, check out the review posted earlier this month.

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