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Cannabidiol Oil 1250mg
Ellen A. (Latham, US)
Great product

I have been using CBD oil for a few years. I have arthritis and it helps me. I live in New York and my Colorado daughter first introduced me to Pure Spectrum and I am so glad she did. Wonderful products

Joint pain

Still dealing with joint pain. It has helped me sleep.

Thank you for your review, Kurt! We're happy to hear our CBD oil has helped you sleep. If this doesn't seem to be cutting it for your joint pain, our customers with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more have loved using our topicals for direct application to those areas of inflammation. Our Recover: High Concentration Salve is a top seller! Hope this helps. 🙂

The Pure Spectrum Team

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 30 count
Karen K. (Evergreen, US)

Great product and great service 😊

Black Label Cannabidiol Oil 2500mg
Cheryl Z. (Denver, US)

Black Label Cannabidiol Oil 2500mg

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count
Charlene A. (Killeen, US)

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count

Cannabidiol Hip and Joint Relief Chewables - GREAT PRODUCT!

I gave my big pyrenees/anatolian/border collie mix fur baby Cannabidiol Hip and Joint Relief Chewables the last three years of his life due to the arthritis in his hips. He was unable to take to prescription the vet gave us due to his kidneys. The Cannabidiol Hip and Joint Relief Chewables gave him relief and he was able to live the best life he could. Thank you for a great product!

Cannabidiol Elixir 500mg
Kyala A. (Laurel, US)
Very surprised

My body hasn’t really had a good response to the regular cbd they offer but I wanted to try this for the pain benefits. And it has been very helpful in some mild joint pain. The taste is weedy probably the only thing I would change

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count
EA P. (Walla Walla, US)
Room for improvement

I have been in a significant amount of pain for quite a while, up to this point I have not noticed any difference in the pain. I still have difficulty falling asleep for several hours after I go to bed. I'm hoping that with time I will have an improvement and a little more relief. Up to this point I'm not had very much relief.

Thank you for your feedback, Eric! When it comes to using CBD, consistency is key for the best results! For some, it may take a couple of months of consistent usage for full effect. For severe pain, we recommend taking 2+ gummies per day. We hope by doing this, you will notice some relief! If not, we do have other products that likely will be more suitable for you so please reach out to with any questions or concerns. 🙂

A wonderful way to relax

I have been using this for two years. I am an ultra runner, triathlete, personal trainer and mom of 4. I am always looking for ways to get better sleep and recovery quicker. I love ending my day with this and apply it throughout the day if I’m feeling stressed. I stock up often.

Cannabidiol Oil 250mg
Erica S. (Ogden, US)

Great product, love how effective!

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count
Kirsty W. (Wormerveer, NL)

I feel a difference in my body when I take the gummies and if I don’t take them for longer periods of time. My knees don’t hurt as much when I take them consistently.
I take one a day before I go to sleep. I feel it also helps my sleep, which I can track.

Almost expired

When we purchased the lotion, we thought the lotion was on sale because overstock, not because it was almost expired (two months). However, still softened my hands. The smell, wasn’t the greatest, but probably because it’s at the end of its lifespan. Since Pure Spectrum knows quality, I’d probably purchase a healthy batch to replace the two we purchased.

Daily: Natural Moisturizing Full Body Lotion

This lotion is great. Not too scented and potent. It soothes aches and pains.

Recover Salve Great For Back and Neck

I was experiencing Lower Back Pain that day after day would hurt while working. After several weeks of pain I finally got the recover Salve. I'd used it several years ago and it worked great. I apply it before work and after. Back and Neck are feeling much better. 💯

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count
Cindy F. (Chapel Hill, US)
Slow delivery

Subscription renewal 10 days ago, still not delivered. Not what is expected on an ongoing subscription order.

Hi Cindy,

We are so sorry to hear you haven't received your subscription order! It looks like your order was processed on 4/27, shipped on 4/28, and delivered (left in the mailbox) on 5/3. If you still cannot locate your package, please contact us at 303-674-5759 or so we can get you taken care of! 🙂

Thank you,

The Pure Spectrum Team

Recover: High Concentration Salve
Harold L. (San Diego, US)
Works great

I'm 73 yrs old, I've been an athlete all my life. I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 36. A couple of years ago I tore my rotator cuff swimming. My doctor recommended theraphy and pain pills. I tried stem cell, i think i was to far gone for that to help. After years of trial and error I i told my doctor to fix it, which ment surgery, Total Reverse Autoplasty. It was a complete shoulder rebuild. After the surgery it left me in a lot of pain. Three weeks after the surgery we started therapy. I got off the heavy drugs and starting over the counter drugs. Its been a year since the surgery, I still have some pain I'm still in therapy. Then i found Pure Spectrum after trying numerous simular cbd products that claimed to be the end all product but they didn't work. Pure spectrum works. It works fast, in a few minutes the pain is gone. No more over the counter pain drugs.
Try it you won't be disappointed.

Pure Spectrum Vibrance Tincture
Matthew G. (Lincoln, US)
Best CBD available!

Nothing else compares. If you’re not buying and using Pure Spectrum then you’re missing out! Only the best, thanks Pure Spectrum!

Pure Spectrum Gummies - 60 count
Brenda C. (Federal Way, US)
Sweet slumber

A couple of these gummies each night send me off to a restful sleep

Relax: Lavender Salve
Joann R. (Unionville, US)


Cannabidiol Softgels
Louie (Knoxville, US)

💯 lifesaver! Helps with balancing out the mood while making my sales calls.

Daily: Natural Moisturizing Full Body Lotion
Aubrie A. (Oklahoma City, US)
Love this lotion!

I mostly use it on my hands and it really helps with my arthritis. I love how well it soaks in and it’s not greasy afterwards. Get this lotion!!

Restore: Hydrating Face Cream
Dee L. (San Diego, US)

Hydrating hoopla…no apparent results

Pure Spectrum Tranquil Tincture
Mike K. (Bismarck, US)
Cbd oil

Love this Company. Their products are very good and effective. Their employees are helpful and friendly.

Cannabidiol Oil 1250mg
Bryson T. (Lodi, US)
This stuff rocks

I had my spine fused when I was 15 and had always had trouble sleeping, I found pure spectrum and now I’m able to sleep great!


Recover Ice helps with back pain as well as arthritis in my ankle.