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Pure Spectrum Debuts First Ever CBD Reality Show

Posted: Feb 06, 2020

CBD is everywhere you look. 

Kim Kardashian is using it.

Team USA Women’s Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe is representing a company.

NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion Bobby Lashley are now both pitch men for Pure Spectrum CBD.

Tiger Woods made headlines when he was seen using a CBD on TV.

Every magazine cover in the grocery store aisle tempts you with the latest CBD buzz words or benefits.

Reality Television is the latest format to fall prey to the allure of the ancient hemp plant.

Pure Spectrum CEO and founder Brady Bell gets his microphone adjusted during an interview with CBS This Morning’s Barry Petersen (right). The interview appears in Episode 6 of Pure Spectrum’s groundbreaking new CBD reality show, “Pure Spectrum LIFE TV.” Photo Courtesy: Pure Spectrum CBD

Who doesn’t want to take a raw, behind-the-scenes look at what many are calling “The Green Rush?”

Pure Spectrum LIFE TV debuted in the fall of 2019.

Showcasing a hungry team of start-up professionals in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, LIFE TV is part The Office, part Weeds and all REAL.

The Pure Spectrum team is lead by former college basketball player turned cannabis entrepreneur, Brady Bell.

A single father from rural southwest Kansas, Bell is no Michael Scott.

He instead plays the leading role of relentless (and when needed, ruthless) businessman on one hand – easy to-like, laid back single-father on the other.

Viewers of the inaugural season have watched Pure Spectrum move from being the first CBD company to partner with a professional sports organization (2018 Reebok CrossFit Games), to signing a multi-year,l history-making deal with Team USA.

“We are the disruptors in this industry – but we are also one of the few companies that are doing it the right way,” said Bell. “The Pure Spectrum story is far from over – and I think viewers will enjoy watching where our journey is taking us.”

Bell also alluded to a number of other major announcements regarding partnerships coming in future episodes.

The show is produced, shot and edited by the Pure Spectrum Marketing team.

“LIFE TV is a window into a business most people are only able to read about – but are deeply fascinated by,” said the show’s producer , Pure Spectrum Chief Marketing Officer Seth Waggener.

Waggener won multiple Emmy awards as a television producer for CBS and NBC, prior to his current role with Pure Spectrum.

“We are giving viewers the chance to watch history being made, one week at a time. We believe it is a revolutionary way to tell the Pure Spectrum story.”

There are currently 10 episodes of Pure Spectrum LIFE TV available. New episodes are released every week on the Pure Spectrum YouTube Channel.

We have included the first two episodes below with a recap of each.

Pure Spectrum LIFE TV: Episode 1: TAHOE

Episode 1: TAHOE

Chief Marketing Officer Seth Waggener and Videographer Binoy Thomas are off to beautiful Lake Tahoe.

The pair meets up with CEO Brady Bell and a host of Team Pure Spectrum athletes at a mansion across from Squaw Valley.

While the marketing crew records podcasts and other content at the house – CrossFit Games star Jacob Heppner races Pure Spectrum teammate and Obstacle Course Racing Champion Hunter McIntyre up a mountain at the Spartan Race event.

Feat: Brooke Ence, Hunter McIntyre, Jacob Heppner, Jen Smith, Mekenzie Riley

Pure Spectrum LIFE TV: Episode 2: HISTORY

Episode 2: HISTORY

Go behind-the-scenes of the historic Team USA partnership announcement.

The team visits USA Triathlon HQ in Colorado Springs after a planning session with their marketing agency.

CEO Brady Bell is interviewed by the New York Times and the team celebrates after a massive PR-Media campaign that results in coverage of the announcement across the world.

Feat: USA Triathlon, New York Times

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