Total Recovery Bundle


Having a recovery plan in place is important whether you’re an elite competitor or a weekend warrior. After training hard, it can be tough to get back at it the next day. Pure Spectrum’s Total Recovery Bundle will help your body rebuild and repair after tough training sessions by supporting recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, alleviating sore muscles, and keeping stress levels in check. 

Includes: 2500mg Black Label Cannabidiol Oil, 1000mg Recover ICE, 5000mg Cannabidiol Isolate, 25mg Recharge CBD Bath Soak. 

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We are Creating the Industry Standard

Our story began with a belief in the healing powers of the hemp plant. We believed that we could create phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil products that weren’t just the purest and highest quality available, but also the best for people and the planet. This continues to be the driving force behind everything we do.