Our Detailed Process

Here at Pure Spectrum, we aim to restore transparency in an industry filled with smoke and mirrors. There are many companies that hide behind fancy websites and social media profiles without being able to tell you exactly where your product comes from. We hope to set the bar higher than that.

We know that great hemp products come from great hemp. Because of this, we partnered with what we believe is the best hemp farm in the nation, Colorado Cultivars. Colorado Cultivars started growing hemp when it first became legal in 2014. Their USDA organic certification means that their hemp is grown without pesticides. They do, however, use lady bugs as a natural pesticide which is a sight to see!

Before you can grow great hemp, you must have great seed. Colorado Cultivars uses stable, certified, seed so they know exactly what to expect when it comes time to harvest. They grow a variety of different strains that have been shown to produce a high amount of CBD while staying below the legal limits of THC.

Our partner farm, Colorado Cultivars uses nothing but organic farming methods. Although not all of their hemp is USDA-certified organic, they do own the largest plot of USDA-certified organic hemp in the nation. They use sustainable organic farming practices and, in order to ensure the highest quality, domestically grown hemp products, they regularly test for purity and potency.

Colorado Cultivars carries a unique certification in the industry. Not only do they have crops that are USDA-certified organic, they also have their USDA organic certification for handling. This means at harvest, the plants are handled in a certified organic way. After the plants are harvested and dried they are tested again to ensure correct cannabinoid levels and absence of pesticides and residual solvents.

In keeping with only the highest standards and our commitment to the cleanest and purest products and processes, our oils are extracted from the hemp biomass using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. We then take extra steps and spend more time & money to ensure our products not only taste great and are the highest quality, but also to remove all the THC.

When our final products are formulated, we send them off to third-party labs to test once more. We offer all of these test results right on our website for you to see. Pure Spectrum products are not only grown in the USA, they are made in the USA too! Our commitment to quality demands a product that is a 100% made in America.

At Pure Spectrum, we are shipping more than 150 packages every day directly to the doors of all of our customers. We ship to 48 states and more than 40 different countries. We aim to have your product packaged up and ready to ship the same day you place your order. Pure Spectrum is a becoming a globally recognized brand with customers and supporters all over the world!