Our mission is to improve quality of life by connecting
people to the healing powers of the hemp plant.

  • Cannabidiol Elixir

    A blend of organic whole-plant hemp extract and hemp seed oil which provides a smooth nutty taste and added health benefits in 1850 Hemp Co.’s Cannabidiol Elixir.

  • Liniment Pain Relief Cream

    Experience fast acting, pain relief from sore muscles, backaches, achy joints, arthritis, and inflammation with 1850 Hemp Co.’s cooling cream. Each topical is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients and infused with 500-1000mg of cannabidiol.

The Story Behind 1850

Life, especially one well-lived, takes a toll on your body. There are everyday aches and pains, and then there are the life-changing ones. The ones that make you reevaluate what's important to improve and maintain a high quality of life.

1850 isn't just a year, it was the first year the National Medical Convention admitted cannabis into the Pharmacopia of the United States of America. Our simple goal is to improve quality of life through the healing properties of the hemp plant - first recognized as a medicine in the US more than a century and a half ago.